Brad Jacobson was born and raised near Stanwood, Washington. He started his music career as a pianist (by ear) at the age of 4, causing his parents to quickly trade in their large piano for an electronic keyboard (with headphones). By the age of 11, Brad was playing multiple instruments including guitar, keyboard, piano, trombone, and trumpet. After high school Brad spent four year training and fighting as an Army Ranger, writing humorous songs on his acoustic guitar to pass the time while on deployments. After his time in service ended at age 23, Brad moved to Phoenix, Arizona and continued his musical prowess by starting a punk/rock band (Second Stint) while attending college at ASU. After recording three demos and one EP, Second Stint broke up in 2008. Upon losing his project, Brad moved forward by taking vocal lessons and dabbling in home studio recording. Since then he has recorded several independent songs and is halfway through production on a concept album focused around addiction, recovery, and the emotions between.

As artists, we occasionally have to step back and acknowledge that although getting paid to make music would be ideal, the ability to share it with others is what really makes it special. Feel free to download any tracks you like. The lyrics are in order of the songs in the playlist below and can be found here

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  1. Chris Cardillo says:

    Great concept, great music, and great website!

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